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The Food Science Club at NC State meets Tuesday nights in Schaub 105 during the Fall and Spring semesters for dinner at 5:30pm followed by a meeting at 6:00pm.


The Food Science Club is an organization of students that study or are interested in the food science discipline at North Carolina State University.  The Club provides students the opportunity to interact with other students, professors, and professionals in the field of Food Science beyond the classroom atmosphere.
Weekly meetings incorporate presentations from professors and companies in the food industry.  Members of the Club develop professional skills while participating in Institute of Food Technologists Student Association (IFTSA) and food-industry sponsored competitions.


 2019-2020 Officers 


Lindsey Doring| ldoring@ncsu.edu


Lindsey is a senior double majoring in Food Science and Bioprocessing Science. She currently works in the Chapman lab doing consumer behavioral food safety research. She has a huge sweet tooth that led her to complete a year long internship with The Hershey Company last year and bakes lots of cakes and cookies in her free time.


Molly Moran | mrmoran@ncsu.edu


Molly is a senior double majoring in Food Science and Chemistry, with a minor in Biological Sciences. She has had many adventurous jobs and internships, including a summer working in a microbiology lab in Russia and getting lost multiple times in Moscow. She is a current dog-mom and a future Pharmacist.

Activities Committee Co-chair

Leah Dexter-Boone | lkdexter@ncsu.edu


Leah is a senior majoring in Food Science. You will often find her doing research on brined vegetables in the Johanningsmeier lab. When she is not in class or the lab, she spends time hanging out with family, friends, and her three-legged cat, Trillian.


Bre Lytch| bmlytch@ncsu.edu


Bre is a senior majoring in Food Science with a minor in Ag Business. She works in the acidified foods lab that is an extension service for entrepreneurs wanting to make and sell their food products. She aspires to work in a food company that makes fun foods, like candy or snacks! 


Katharine Clark | krclark@ncsu.edu 


Katharine is originally from Raleigh, NC. She is a graduate student with an interest in everything food related. If it grows, moos or ferments she's on board.  She likes gardening and the outdoors and wrangles the mischievous cats: Puck, Pan and Lucy. 


Corrine Le Blanc | calebla4@ncsu.edu


Activities Committee Co-chair

Tearrany Andrews | tlandrew@ncsu.edu ​


Tia is a junior majoring in food science and minoring in Mandarin Chinese and Nutrition. She currently works in a plant pathology lab working with cucurbit crops and as a dining diplomat. In her free time she loves to play computer games and dance.

Undergraduate Representative

Marisah de Moll | mmdemoll@ncsu.edu


Marisah is a senior majoring in Applied Nutrition and minoring in Food Science. She strives to empower community members through food! She is also a Chair for the Dinner Committee and helps plan the delicious dinners at club meetings. Her hobbies include painting, making music, gardening and being outdoors.

Agri-Life Council Rep

Morgan Weinberg | mweinbe@ncsu.edu


Morgan is a sophomore double majoring in Food Science and History with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. She works in the Entrepreneur Initiative for Food Lab dealing testing acidified foods. If she is not participating in her multiple clubs, she can be found in the kitchen cooking and baking, or reading.

Agri-Life Council Rep

Adrianne Caudill | ancaudil@ncsu.edu 


Adrianne Caudill is a sophomore majoring in Food Science. When she has a chance, she likes to bake, read, and do math problems. She looks forward to learning more about the food industry and interacting with the engaging people of the Food Science club.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus | lajaykus@ncsu.edu


Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus is a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor in the
Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences at North Carolina State
University. Her current research efforts are varied and focus on:  (1) food virology; (2)
development of molecular methods for foodborne pathogen detection; (3) application of
quantitative risk assessment in food safety; and (4) understanding the ecology of
pathogens in foods. 

Faculty Advisor

Paige Luck | paige_luck@ncsu.edu


Mrs. Luck is a lecturer in food science who teaches Introduction to Food Science and The Science of Food Preparation.  Her research background focused on protein functionality in dairy systems, food texture and oral processing. She enjoys working with students to foster curiosity and life-long learning.

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